Good Day--- Meet the founder of Monarch-Sherri Swan-Edmunds


My story is one of a woman who is of a gifted strong spirit of wisdom and vision with a passion to make a difference through building core synergy in others.  A vision that can unleash, ignite and unlock core synergy through an understanding of the people.  History will tell the story of a woman who resigned from a high end corporate position.  A success story of touching many life's through building others in personal and professional career development in the real estate industry.  Once upon a time, a home in the country with a dream kitchen fit for a king, a lake cabin and all the toys a person could imagine.  As a new found widow and mother of 5 these a strong calling I choose with a strong spirit of faith.  A passion for life & people would be my navigator. A road I was not familiar with, unknown that if chosen to travel would require faith, gratitude, humble, sacrifice and courage.  I have come to learn a deep sense of gratitude along with principles of a solid foundation with the world being the voice.  My gift in return is a  granting of power of spirit and vision.  A new sense of living where words take on a new meaning.  An authentic sense of being through the harmony of people of the world.  The Power of spirit and connection on dimension unknown until now.  I now come to you through Monarch to share wisdom through a world class education of life experiences, lessons and most importantly the gift of power of spirit and vision.  Wow is life an amazing story!  One of which I am grateful to be a part of,  so welcome I am glad you are here. 

Welcome to our story


Our Mission

Unleash, Ignite and Unlock Core Synergy 

Within our core is an inner synergy. This is your core synergy otherwise known as the internal instinct in each person. Unleash vison of passion, Ignite synergy of the core and Unlock the art of connection of synergy amongst each other. .    

Imagine Living Life with Enjoyment and Purpose?

Our Philosophy

Every structure is formed by principles or it would collapse. Know what you stand for, Stand for what you know. 

Principle 1-Create and define vision of core synergy through passion.  Mapping out the pathway and destination. 

Principle 2-Ignite core synergy through embracing and establishing power of foundation of principles.

Principle 3-Unlock the core Master  wisdom of universal core synergy  & instinct. Let it go and learn the peace of faith standing on a foundation of solid principles. Come walk and Lets ignite that burning core synergy.  


Your Vibrant Core Synergy Connection